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Welcome to my website, which gathers some of my works in the fields in which I create.

I was born in 1971 in Jerusalem, to parents who had come from St. Petersburg, Russia. With a few insignificant interruptions, the longest of them – a military service that was inflicted on me for three years, Jerusalem has been the framework of my activity. I this city's university I graduated (with excellence) the philosophy department, the law department, and an exclusive circle in the faculty of humanities called "Amirim", whose sole intellectual benefit for me was the exposure to the thought of Blaise Pascal.

After my first degree studies I was admitted to PhD studies in the philosophy department of the University of Edinburgh, which I haven't completed as I was fed-up with academic philosophy. In 1998 I returned to Jerusalem, and during the twenty years since then I have independently studied the writings of many independent philosophers throughout history, while focusing and deepening on three giants: Plato, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Friedrich Nietzsche. I owe a very significant part of my intellectual development to these three, and only because I found myself in a disagreement with them in few points - I have dared, during the last years, to dedicate myself to shape a comprehensive philosophy of my own, which I am publishing these days in my first philosophy book, "The Metaphysics of Eros", which is on sale in this site.

In music and in poetry I have no institutional education. I had three excellent guitar teachers – David Tadmor, Zohar Elnatan, and Hanan Feinstein, but in composition, writing and singing I am a complete self-taught. The four music albums I have released along the years and the two poetry books I published are on sale in this site as well.

My legal work is based mainly on human rights, especially those of the Palestinians in the occupied territories: I have written legal reports on those issues for organizations like Yesh-Gvul movement, HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, and The Public Committee against Torture in Israel, and also have taken part in representing this oppressed population as a lawyer. In addition to that I made researches on issues of law and media for the journal "The Seventh Eye" of the Israel Democracy Institute, where I also participated in a research-team on issues of religion and state. I also wrote legal articles for the press, some of them are gathered on this site.

Enjoy this site.

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